Ms. Hiral Patel



Assistant Professor, SEMCOM, Vallabh Vidyanagar

(Affiliated to Sardar Patel University)













OTHER INTERESTS_______________________________________________________________________


  Reading books,

  Listening Soft Music,

  Traveling & Visiting New Places


PERSONAL DOSSIER_____________________________________________________________________


      Date of Birth: 30th Dec 1985

      Gender: Female

      Marital Status: Married

      Personal Skills: Lively, spirited, energetic, aggressive, go-getting, Self-starter and able to independently identify necessary tasks, Demonstrates flexibility in adapting to new situations, Dynamic and remain current on a wide range of business information and programs.

      References :

      Dr. Yashasvi Rajpara: 9825256576 (Asst. Professor at SEMCOM)

Mr. Himanshu Patel: 9727727610 (IT Manager, Alembic Ltd)